Still driving!

It's been a long time. I've done more than 3000km already, the last thousand or so with Fred and his 350cm Bullet. All through Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and now Orissa.

We're enjoying the beach in Puri at the moment and will stay here for New Year's. After that it's gonna be Calcutta and then into the North East finally!!!

Kerala Sunset


Trichy temple (Shiva's Water lingam)

Trichy temple carvings

Madurai temple (Shiva's Fire Lingam)

Madurai temple cow



1000km to Calcutta!





The nicest place in India at Chennai train station!

The all new Pulsar!

Apparently you can't go into Pizza Hut and order a couple of tomatoes...



Update Driving Day X

Cant type much... Computer rebooting constantly.

Drove many kilometers. Bike doing fine. Missing screws reattached, tires inflated, oil changed, chain oiled, brake adjusted. Still dirty though. Currently hailing from some place called Allapuzha. Gonna be in Thiruvananthapuram soon. So far no problems, only a 400Rs ticket in Mysore for not wearing a helmet. Was valid for the whole day though...

Gokarna - Om Beach

Hampi - main temple

Hampi - ruins

Hampi - surroundings

Muslim festival Ashura in a small town 5km from Hampi

Salt is thrown in a great pit and then blessed wood is burnt therein.

Miscalculated bridge works sorrounding Hampi

On better luck!

Halebeedur Temple

Halebeedur carvings.

Dat cleavage!

Mysore mechanic lane.

Kerala parking lot.

With attached soccer field.

Kerala backwaters.

Village life.




Refilling your gas station? Sure, gimme that chair and that PVC tube to hold the hose...

Promises to keep...